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Academic information searching, publishing and management (HUM/SAMF ph.d.-kursus), Aalborg


08.11.2018 kl. 09.00 - 09.11.2018 kl. 16.00


This 2-day course gives you skills and knowledge within a wide range of relevant areas useful during your PhD. The objective of the course is to facilitate your entrance into the academic research world, so it is recommended that you take it when starting your PhD.

The course will cover these essential areas

Searching, evaluating and organising information

  • How to apply a structured method tosearch information e.g. for a literature review.
  • How to prepare and apply relevant criteria for assessing and documenting the search results.
  • How reference management tools canfacilitate the process of organising search results.

Research evaluation

  • What research evaluation entails.
  • Citations and h-index asmeasures for evaluating research.
  • How to use the most central databases in researchevaluation for your subject

Publication strategy

  • How to increase publications’ visibility and searchability indatabases through well-informed choices regarding an article’s key features (titles,keywords and abstracts) and choice of publication channel such as BFI and other relevantimpact measures.
  • How to use relevant tools and websites for choosing where to publish

Research visibility, networking and profiling

  • How to register research in VBN, knowledge and use of researcher identifiers, scholarly networks and Open Access

Research ethics and copyright for researchers


The course is a "toolbox for research"-course with a mix of presentations and hands-on exercises, either working on your own focusing on your own PhD project or in small groups with a shared focus. The course does not focus on methods for medical information searching and publishing. For this purpose, see the description for the course Health Scientific Searching and Publishing instead on PhD Moodle.

Preparation before the course

Please see the attached file with articles of subjects covered in the course. As preparation for the class exercises, you are asked to skim an article, which is also attached. (will follow later)


There will be both class exercises and home exercises. The home exercises are introduced during the course and will be uploaded at a later point in time. You are required to finish the home exercises at home and return them within a week after the course.


There will be coffee and tea during the day. However, you will have to bring your own lunch. Alternatively, you have to go to the canteen at Fibigerstræde 15. It is approximately a 10 minutes’ walk.

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Remember to bring your computer!


Gitte Thomsen, librarian, M.L.I.Sc, email: gt@aub.aau.dk

Lecturers: Helle Brink, M.L.I.Sc; Sabine Dreier, M.L.I.Sc; Gitte Thomsen, M.L.I.Sc and Louise Thomsen, M.L.I.Sc.


Number of seats: 20




Langagervej 2, Lokale Lindgren

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22.10.2018 kl. 23.00

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